Party of the Century 2020


The Party of the Century is a fundraising gala for the Rose Bowl Stadium’s centennial birthday. The stadium celebrates its centennial in 2022 and this party will kick off the final years towards its 100th birthday. The stadium has hosted more than 90 Rose Bowl Games, two Olympic Games, five NFL Super Bowls, two World Cup Finals, countless UCLA home games and decades of premiere concerts. The Rose Bowl is truly America’s Stadium and that’s what this party is all about — it’s to celebrate, to honor, and to remember 100 years of memories and iconic moments that helped shape our nations history and left us all INSPIRED.

The Party of the Century will benefit The Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation which is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization whose primary goal is to financially ensure the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the future of the Stadium as a National Historic Landmark. All proceeds will go back into the Rose Bowl to ensure that the next generation will have the same opportunity to have 100 more years of memories, 100 more years of moments and hopefully 100 more years to INSPIRE their next generation.

Join us in reliving and honoring our past while we all look forward to celebrating our future!



Angel Throop

Angie Miller



Darryl Dunn

Dedan Brozino

Lauren Corona

Monique Rodriguez

Julia Goldstein

Julie Benavidez

Julie Hak

Meaghan Paschall

Dani Perry

Brian Brantley

Lauren Hall

Meredith Thomas

Carly Petersen

Linda Rasmussen

Charlie Plowman

Gregg Smith

Michele Canon

Lily Lee

Kacey Riley

Mila Renken

Pamela Tyus

Chelby Crawford

Sandra Plowman

Todd Walklett

Mark Miller

Taylor Caprio



Attire Photo.jpg

1920’s attire

Themed attire is encouraged